The GrafCompounder Software:

Information / Licence Price

  1. Description of the Software

    The GrafCompounder software is a unique tool which predicts compounds from an existing historic compound database.
    The database should contain recipes with its ingredients and properties in columns. The tutorial describes, how to organize the data sets.
    The software calculates a numeric solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm according to your specified query combining and cross-blending all data in tiny simultaneous steps in search for an optimal compromise.
    The result of a calculation run is a recipe: Formula & physicals. The accuracy of the prediction is based on data precision. The GrafCompounder program is based on JAVA® and runs on Windows® versions.

  2. Requirements

    GrafCompounder has minimum hard and software requirements: The GrafCompounder software runs on Windows® XP or Windows® Vista with at least 512 MB RAM. For the later Versions: Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 10 / Windows® 11 at least 1 GB RAM is needed.

  3. Download with DropBox Link.

    The folder has the following content:

    • GrafCompounder 5.0 installation file.
    • Read me file.
    • Tutorials / Videos.
    • :
    • Sample datasets of recipes based on NR(Implemented in the program) and more upon request based on SBR, EPDM, NBR and CR for your training.
    • Presentations and publications about the use and advantages working with the GrafCompounder program.
    • USB Licence key, shipped with separate Mail.
      [The USB-Dongle Key is necessary to run the software.]
  4. Retail Prices and perpetual Single-User Licenses:

    Licence GrafCompounder Price Remarks
    Single user Licence

    826,00 € **)

    Germany: Add 156.94 € *)

    Asean Countries: ***)

    EU-Countries: Reverse Charge – VAT liability rests with recipient.

    2 - and more user licences

    Contact H-JG Consulting for a quote


    275,00 € if purchased in the year 2020 and before.
    [GE Customer add 52,20 € *)]

    *) Goods and Service Tax 19%

    ***) Shipment cost to Asean Countries with DHL Express: 59.00 €

    **) Permanent Personal Licence of GrafCompounder 5.0

  5. Shipping:

    Countries inside European Union: Shipping included.
    Other European countries & North America: Add 15.89 €
    Other countries: please ask for a quote
    (DHL /UPS: Parcel with Tracking Number, Insurance). Other shipping cost may apply according DHL supply zones.

  6. Payment Methods:

    Invoice contains all bank details and payment conditions.

    Pay-Pal / Credit Card:
    If you opt for other payment method than Bank Transfer or Credit Card, you may use PayPal
    Customer Location

    Credit Card Options: If you have no Pay-Pal account there are two alternative options:

    • Klick on the "Buy Now" Button but chose:
      "Continue without a PayPal account".
      Fill in the from:
      "Pay with direct debit." The payment is then made from your Bank account to my PayPal account.
    • You want to make Payment using a Credit Card?
      Please ask for an Email invoice submitted form my PayPal account to replace the invoice fo rbanking payment. This invoice you can balance with Credit Card chosing "Credit Card Option" even you have no PayPal account.

    Order Process: Please send an Email with your order to: H-JG Consulting

    • You will get a confirmation Email with an invoice including bank account information, and that your order is received.
    • In case PayPal is opted, you will receive PayPal Invoice (see Note above)
    • As soon, as your money is transferred, you will get a confirmation Email with all delivery details (USB - licence key, CD) of shipment.
    • To Download the program a DropBox link is provided to your Email address. You do not need to install DropBox. Just download all files in the folders to your computer
    • Please confirm arrival of the shipment with Email, that software is installed successfully and runs well.

Revised: 06. November 2023

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